Our grease is a completely unique product.

This 100% synthetic grease is the world’s best choke tube lube!

Clenzoil’s Hinge Pin Jelly Grease has actual anti-rust and anti-oxidation components blended into it.

There is no other grease available on the market which actively inhibits rust! Other greases will prevent rust because they form a seal over the surface and so prevents air from getting in; however once they have been removed from the surface it will start to rust again.

Because our Hinge Pin Jelly contains an active rust inhibitor, it will prevent rust EVEN when it has all but been removed from the surface.

Our HPJ Grease is so EFFICIENT, only a tiny amount needs to be used on hinges, chokes and firing pins Etc. A little bit goes a very long way!

It will work in freshwater, salt-water and even underwater!

Use it on hinge pins for side by side and over and under shotguns.
Use it on slide rails, bolts, receiver rails and axles, Etc.