We use nitrogen, ‘Medical Grade Nitrogen’ as the propellant for our oil.

The significance of this is very simple; most other companies will use CO2, Heptane, Propane, Butane, or Compressed Air as the propellant for their product.

Well, heptane, propane, butane or any of those other similar types of propellants are HIGHLY FLAMMABLE some things you always have to be conscious of when working with firearms. Also, many of those products will act as a solvent and brake down different finishes of your weapons.

Nitrogen ‘medical grade nitrogen’ doesn’t do any of those things, you don’t have to worry about damaging anything, compressed air is 17% water at 100% humidity, specifically what that means is; every time you spray something into a firearm that is using compressed air, without knowing it, your spraying water into that action, into those barrels and into the inner trigger mechanisms. Additionally, the problems with these propellants are that they carry a lot of water and so you are actually introducing water into your gun. Nitrogen is a drying agent and so not only contains no water but disperses any water already present.

It is not only the propellant that is efficient but also the bottle. Our bottles are one-piece aluminium and have NO seams. You will notice with cheaper canisters that after a period of time you may be left with product still in the bottle with no propellant to force it out, NOT the case with Clenzoil Foaming Aerosol! On our bottles, you will never lose propellant and so every last product can be used. Because the propellant contains NO water, it does not freeze; enabling the aerosol to be used in extremely low temperatures (-20F).