Great for lock, stock and barrel
Stops the corrosive effects of fingerprints on barrels
Disperses any water present
Repels dirt and is not sticky or gummy
Does not evaporate and remains fluid
Produces a high sheen finish
Excellent lubricant for leather and plastic air gun washers.
Protects from moisture and dirt, eliminating rust and corrosion.

Our Air Gun Oil is unique and manufactured to provide optimum performance without damage to sensitive O rings and synthetic seals. Clenzoil is the oldest product on the market and has a flawless reputation.

Solution Directions:

Tilt the bottle downwards, squeeze and apply a liberal coating to all surfaces of your airgun, both inside and out where possible. Allow 2-5 minutes for Clenzoil to break down contaminants. Use a Clenzoil lambs wool applicator or soft microfiber cloth to all metals, woods and leather surfaces, which will clean, lubricate and protect your airguns.

Air Gun Oil Advisory:

Our only advisory for our Clenzoil Air Gun Oil is that it is not recommended for any ‘painted surfaces’.


Contains NO Teflon or Silicon based products resulting in extremely low “pour point” and enhanced operating temperature range.