Disabled Shooters Group  – Paralympic Olympic Trap Demonstration Suhl, Germany and Test Event Rimini, Italy 2014
By Disabled Shooters Group

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) and ISSF have agreed to consider clay target shooting as a possible sport for future Paralympics. We have been asked to attend a demonstration event at the IPC World Shooting Championships, Suhl, Germany in July. Six disabled shooters have been invited to attend this event, we have calculated that the cost to send these six shooters, including travel, accommodation, uniforms will be in the region of £6,000. The test event will be held later in the year in Rimini, Italy. This will be under the supervision of IPC and ISSF along with FITAV (The Italian Governing Body), they will be trialling the criteria for participation and testing the Olympic Trap rules for the disabled competitors. We hope to send competitors with varying types of disabilities for their consideration. We are aiming to send ten shooters to this event and would like to ensure that the team are liveried and contributions towards the costs of travel and accommodation covered. We feel that a further £4,000 would cover this amply.

For many years this has been unattainable and this is our best opportunity to get this into the Paralympics. Your help and support will be greatly appreciated by all of our disabled competitors.