Clenzoil solution is a broad based “uses” product. By formulation it is a metal cleaner, lubricant, protectant, rust-inhibitor that can be applied to any known metallurgical surfaces that respond to lubrication and rust-protection. The environmental performance standards that Clenzoil will function in are quite varied and quite unique to this product. Clenzoil will work in -54F with sub-peaks to -65F just as it will function in temperatures above +350F with peaks over +400F.It’s a hybrid product, which means that it contains both petroleum distillates and synthetic components. It is this unique formulation that allows it to work on both exotic metals as well as natural materials such as wood, leather, bone, horn and laminates.

Once Clenzoil is applied to a surface, it will be absorbed several microns into the surface to provide a lubrication base that has a substantial “carrying” capacity, while at the same time providing a oxidation (protection) barrier that will greatly diminish the likelihood of metallurgical surface rust, even in highly humid environments. The solvency component in Clenzoil can be varied through modified formulation for the specific application it will be used for. However, in most instances solvency is a desired component of the formula due to the fact that it imparts both additional “carrying” capacity of the finished blend as well as providing the associated process of cleaning or “preparing” the surface so that the lubrication component can more effectively and efficiently perform to its desired standard.




Clenzoil will function in both fresh and salt-water exposure while not becoming gummy or snotty and at the same time avoiding spoilage in those wet environments. It has also been used and formulated for a variety of specific and non-specific tasks across a myriad of other non-military industries as well; in fact one of the first industrial users of Clenzoil was the US Atomic Energy Commission who in the early 1950s identified Clenzoil as the only known product to stand up against the extreme and harsh corrosive conditions under which it operated at that time. Clenzoil has also been successfully used to not only maintain but actually rehabilitate expensive equipment and machinery, factory and heavy equipment exposed to catastrophic fire, has been used to prep and protect heavy and light equipment before it leaves the factory on its way to the customer or end user, it is used by marine diesel companies and mechanics to clean and maintain fuel injectors and the tools required to work on them, wood laminating companies use Clenzoil to clean and prep their molds and trays as do many other companies involved with injection molding, it is used offshore on oil and drilling rigs in the harsh salt-water environment, etc.


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