Military Grade Best Gun Oil
Great for Lock, Stock & Barrel™

  • Clenzoil Solution


    Great for Lock, Stock & Barrel™
    NO Teflon or Silicon
    NO Varnish or Lacquer
    NO Freon Propellants
  • Clenzoil Foaming Aerosol


    We use ‘Medical Grade Nitrogen’
    as the propellant for our oil!
    NO CO2, Heptane, Propane, Butane,
    NO Compressed Air or Water!
  • Large Bore Patches

    Large Bore

    Each pot contains 20 saturated patches.
    One patch will do both your barrels and
    straight from the boot of your car!
  • One Step Patches

    One Step
    Patch Kit

    Try cleaning your gun with your existing choice and
    THEN clean it again with Clenzoil.
    You’ll be amazed at whats left-behind.
  • Hinge Pin Jelly

    Hinge Pin Jelly

    Our grease is a completely unique product.
    There is no other grease available on the market
    which actively inhibits rust!
  • Clenzoil Gun Soc

    Gun Soc

    Silicone-treated polyester and cotton.
    It will stretch to 10 inches wide to
    accommodate virtually any rifle or shotgun.
  • Clenzoil Lamb's Wool

    Lamb's Wool

    Made of the highest quality vegetable-tanned wool
    allowing for its multi-surface use with no detriment
    or harm to any firearm finish.
  • Clenzoil Unloaded

    Safety Breech

    We have now raised the height of these plugs
    for clearer visibility from BOTH SIDES of your
    semi-automatic shotgun.


Bits About Us

Consider the Best Gun Oil

A liquid that not only cleans barrels, lock works, gas systems and trigger and ignition systems but will also treat metal surfaces, so they will be protected from rust, corrosion and powder residue.

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It does more than you think

Clenzoil will do more than clean like a solvent, it will also lubricate like an ultra-fine, premium grade gun oil. In fact, it will lubricate so well, a firearm doesn’t need any additional lubricants applied to it.

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It out-performs

Clenzoil doesn’t need to remain ‘wet’ to continue performing as a premium grade lubricant. This gives it the advantage of not attracting dust, sand or dirt to the surface areas of the firearm.

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Military Use

Clenzoil will meet its performance requirements whether it is -54C in the arctic or 150F+ in the dessert! It never gets gummy or sticky with age and remains fluid for at least 15 years if left in an armory.

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